• Your product is such a success that you are planning to build an additional production plant.  You could realize higher margins for your product if energy and disposal costs could be cut?  
  • New environmental standards (e.g. TA-Luft) require revamps and documentation work for which you have no personnel?  
  • You can draw on qualified motivated junior engineers but the “old hand” who would have had the competence to steer the revamp project has gone into early retirement?  
  • Your corporate management has decided to introduce a new CAD system. But who is going to take care of the conversion of the existing database?   And: who has the experience with the ”pitfalls” of the new system?

We at KEYNES Planungsgesellschaft mbH support you in all phases of your project: from project management via engineering and project execution through to commissioning. One of our core strengths is intelligent piping design using 3D CAD systems. It is the knowhow of some 90 employees that makes the big difference – also for your project!

Year by year, our DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate confirms that at KEYNES quality is not left to chance!