Basic Engineering

What do you expect from a basic engineering package?

A feasibility study?  A realistic cost estimate? We translate your idea into realistic concepts  with a strong focus on efficiency, operating reliability and safety.

Below our services at a glance.  Please contact us for further details!

  • Conceptual design (process description, process engineering specifications) 
  • Process simulation (ChemCAD)
  • Material and energy balances 
  • Development of flow diagrams (PFDs, P&IDs) 
  • Arrangement concepts 
  • Infrastructure and safety facilities 
  • Preparation and conducting of HAZOP studies
    (HAZOP = Hazard and Operability study)
  • Vessel design and calculation 
  • Hydraulic design of piping systems 
  • Design of heat recovery systems for process and other applications 
  • Cost estimates